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Our USP is the post run meal. You will not find only bananas or Parle-G at our counters. Enroute too, you will get best hydration and energy perks.

At the finish point you will be surprised at our fully authentic Indian meal, which no nutritionist will recommend. Because you don’t count calories after having run 21K (or even 10K) and because brunch has RUN in it.

Yes, we feed you well in the hope that you will pledge to donate your organs and stay forever on this planet.

Another of our surprise USP is when we felicitate the winners of our event under various age categories. We won’t disclose the facts here, because  if you are a winner in our forthcoming event we would like to be surprised.


Solefest Event Date
Solefest 1.0 5th March 2017
Solefest 2.0 26th November 2017
Solefest 3.0 25th November 2018
Solefest 4.0 8th December 2019