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Spandan Multispeciality Hospital

Spandan Multispeciality Hospital took its roots on 20th September 2009, under the able leadership of Dr. Rajesh Chauhan. Spandan Multispeciality Hospital has emerged as one of the foremost places in providing good healthcare to the citizens of Vadodara.

Dr. Rajesh Chauhan himself being a fitness freak and a long distance runner with around two decades of running experience came up with an idea of providing an event to the runners of vadodara, which would particularly keep at center stage the runner. With this idea was born SoleFest & the event took place on March 5th, 2017.


HCG(Healthcare Global Enterprise Ltd.) Cancer Center Vadodara is a pan india healthcare which is headquartered in Banglore with the combined pool of 500 Specialists across various domains. HCG mainly focuses and has speciality in tertiary care, cancer care and advanced diagnosis.

Dr. Bharat Gadhvi the CEO for the entire hospitals of Gujarat under HCG was of the same view as Dr. Chauhan’s of providing a good running experience in form of a running event for the runners of Vadodara. He took it upon himself for providing the monetary support for an event of such a scale without it pinching the pockets of runners and thus HCG and Dr. Bharat Gadhvi became the backbone of the running event SoleFest.