Runner of Week – Reni Jinu

Runner of Week – Reni Jinu 2017-11-24T17:58:39+05:30

Reni Jinu

Today we have with us as Runner of the Week Reni Jinu.The transformation that Reni Jinu has undertaken in the last one and half years is stupendous and hard to believe.This itself says how hard she has been working for her overall fitness as a runner.Why it is stupendous,because she is also a manager at Ceat Ltd,along with her commuting time she puts in nearly 12-13 Hrs at work,then as a dotting mother looks after her 5 year old kid and after finishing all these duties,finding time for running and fitness is an impossible and arduous task.It requires sheer dedication.So now let us read about her which would give us more insight into her life of running.

SF: Running is mostly about spending energy, can you describe about your other workouts to earn that energy?

RJ: Hitting gym every alternate days to build stamina & strengthen the muscles

SF: Describe something about the transformation that you got mentally and physically after you took to running?

RJ: I reduced my weight from 97Kg to 60Kg this helped me to gain my confidence & made me physically Fit.

SF: There is a saying that behind every success there are some unknown hands, who are the people behind you whom you would like to thank for your running success?:

RJ: My Spouse Jinu Skariah is my Mentor. It is his immense support and care which allows me to take up all these challenges. When I am not around he takes care of my daughter Aahana  and other responsibilities. He is my moral support without which I couldn’t have reached to the level where I am today.

SF: There is a general tendency or if said apprehension about running, like injury to knee and stress to other body parts, due to which many people don’t take to running, what is your view on that?

RJ: Running with proper posture & proper per & post stretching eliminates the injuries, one has to listen his/her body so avoid the ailments.

SF: Tell us something more about yourself Reni Jinu?

RJ: I  always try to bring out my best for the things I am assigned to, I strive very hard to achieve those. Early on, I was told, ‘Never say no’ and to seize every opportunity. That advice has served me well. Take advantage of all opportunities and step out of your comfort zone.  The key to balancing work and family is to focus on what is in front of you—be it a conversation with your kids or husband or working in an organisation, or running a Marathon. This Mantra helps me a lot.

SF: Reni last year you ran at Surat Marathon,this year you have opted for Solefest,so what prompted you for solefest?

RJ: It is the Sole purpose of the Sole fest, the Social importance of this event & the noble cause for which it is organised.

SF: Reni Jinu you are mother,a wife and hold a position of Asst. Manager in CEAT. How do you juggle with these many responsibilities and from where do you squeeze in the time to run?

RJ: My day start right from 04.45 am, I dress myself & go for a run from 5 am to 6.30 am, I run on an avg of  12 Kms on every alternate days & on other days I do my cross training’s. I need to reach home by 06.35 am & get my daughter ready for school & I need to get ready for going office. I leave my home at 07.20 am for work. At work I have many challenges as I am into HR & Admin dept, I participate in many cultural programs at office too.

As women we are very judgemental – even of ourselves we are self-critic and we tend to carry a lot of baggage. Even in the simple stuff like looking good, dressing appropriately, always seeking external feedback – which is not good! I don’t know why we have put it on resolve to be perfect all the time; Let us be the way we are, its never late, If I can follow my dream at 30 then why cant you? Just be focused on the thing you love & then its sure you will create wonders in it.

SF:Tell us something about your diet?

RJ: I have never followed any diet regime, I am a Non vegetarian & most of the days I have fish/egg in my diet.

SF: What are your plans for SoleFest 2.0?

RJ: I will be participating in HM & aim to complete it in personal best timing.

SF: Your #1 tip for new runners?

RJ: Hard work and passion to your work is the only way to success. Love your job and then things will be easier. I love to be fit and healthy which helps me to be focused, gives me the stamina & build Strength.and remember let your growth in the field of fitness be like the bamboo,go glow initially but when you rise be like the bamboo strong and sturdy.